Jeunesse takes initiative to help SIDS

Sudden Infant  Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a problem, so we salute the people at Jeunesse for raising awareness for the overlooked problem.

The MLM company that has an impressive line of nutrition and skin products are campaigning to raise awareness for the disease that is targeted to woman and child.

“It was a natural fit for us, since our consumers are mostly woman”, a spokesman said, referring to the company and their charitable works.

Not too familiar with SIDS?

Many babies are born with issues that could be prevented. Mothers who smoke put their future children at a much higher risk of many factors that otherwise would be much less likely.

Between 2- 27% of women in the U.S. smoke during pregnancy depending on ethnicity and age. There is a proven relation between that and reduced fertility, as well as premature rupture of membranes, premature births,and  growth restriction. Possibly the most dangerous is Sudden Infant  Death Syndrome (SIDS), although there are over 400,000 premature deaths. Quitting before or even during the early stages will reduce the probability of these occurring. These can have long term effects, especially when causing death. Underweight bodies can have undeveloped organs, especially with the lungs which means the child will have breathing problems, such as asthma. Some may even have heart problems. Also likely is brain issues like delayed development, behavioral problems, and lowered IQ’s. A baby could even be born addicted to the nicotine that it was exposed to while in the womb. Many steps would have to be taken to try to help a newborn become unaddicted as well.

The child can suffer from health issues spurned by problems as an infant for the rest of their lives.

Pregnancy actually helps doctors to help patients to look at what the effects can be. Its an opportunity to examine their health and  many women are more willing to seek help to quit. They can also target the partners of the women because they will be the ones helping to raise the child as well as help mothers quit.

The problem with smoking is that any other condition can be treated with medicines and be done safely.

Just like taking a supplement like Nugenix, it’s a condition that can be halted with the right nutrition and knowledge. To quit smoking takes time and a lot of effort since it is an addictive habit. The toxins for the smoke and nicotine itself gets into the bloodstream which is the baby’s source of nutrients and oxygen. The nicotine can actually reduce the amount of oxygen that the baby receives. That amount gets smaller and smaller as molecules pick up the carbon monoxide instead of oxygen. Even though only a few cigarettes a day is better than a whole pack, anything will have harmful effects.

The study that explores this issue, done by Caroline Miller and her colleagues, showed that often times a smoker would quit, but would relapse after the baby is born. This does not altogether prevent risks. In fact, it leads to them. A young baby, child, or anyone can have the effects of secondhand smoke.The same issues that a baby is susceptible to even pre-born, they still are after birth. Even third-hand smoke, which is the toxins left on items long after there is not smoke can have harmful effects. Many die from lung cancer each year that have never smoked a cigarette in their lives. The smoke can be inhaled and especially when that exposure is often, it can clog the lungs with its carcinogens in the smoke. The smoke alone contains more than 4,000 chemicals. One does not have to smoke to feel its effects.

The best a mother can do to protect her child is to stop. Before even conceiving is the ideal, but the sooner the better. Quitting in the first trimester helps the risk to be almost as low as a nonsmoker’s. It also will leave mothers freer to concentrate on what they should be, exercising, eating well, and preparing their bodies as well as their child’s. It will also leave more money which would usually be spent on cigarettes, to be spent elsewhere, improving the future.

A woman should be well aware of what having a baby means. Especially when giving life, the costs and actions that can be taken to reduce any risks should be taken. Smoking has harmful effects to a newborn, even after its birth and is something that can be prevented. It is in the best interests of child and mother for smoking to not be a factor during pregnancy.

Awareness is being spread at trade fairs, MLM exhibits and events were Jeunesse is participating.

Again, we salute the people at Jeunesse for making this happen. Well done.

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