Detox with Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Supplement

What is Diatomaceous earth?
Diatomaceous earth is a product made from fossilized water plants.

The all-natural product occurs as a siliceous mineral compound of a sedimentary nature. The compound is made from tiny and microscopic skeletal remains of diatoms, which are algae-like plants. It is believed that diatoms have been around for a long time, tracing their origin since pre-historic times. Diatomaceous earth is composed of useful minerals such as magnesium, silicon, calcium, sodium and iron. It also has traces of manganese, boron, copper and titanium.

There are generally two types of diatomaceous earth, industrial grade and food grade. Industrial grade diatomaceous earth is usually toxic to human beings and animals. On the other hand, food grade diatomaceous earth is not toxic, and it comes with benefits – similar to probiotics.

How to Use It
One of uses of diatomaceous earth is as a detox. If you are considering taking diatomaceous earth as a supplement, you should be careful when you buy it. Only buy food diatomaceous earth if you want to use it for consumption purposes. When using it, use a spoonful of the earth and mix it into some water, juice, or a nutrition shake.

After drinking the mixture, it is recommended that you follow that with another glass of water. This is because the supplement can make you thirsty. Apart from using the earth as a detox supplement, some people find it useful for regulating their bowel movement and preventing or lessening gastro-intestinal inflammation.

Diatomaceous earth can also be applied on the head to get rid of fleas and lice. As a precautionary measure, make sure that you do not inhale the powder. Industrial diatomaceous earth is also sued to kill pests around the house and on plants.

Health Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

detox with diatomaceous earthAs a detox supplement, diatomaceous earth is beneficial as it removes any impurities and toxins from your body the natural way. When this happens, you will notice that your nutrient absorption will be improved and you will even experience less instances of fatigue.

Some studies have shown that using diatomaceous earth as a supplement can be beneficial to those who would like to lower their cholesterol levels and lower their high blood pressure. Some of these studies report a drop of as low as 40-60 point in blood pressure after regular use of the supplement.

The good news is that since the product is all-natural, there are no dangers of getting side effects.

On top of that, pregnant and expectant mothers need not worry that they will be at a health risk when using the product.
If you are looking for ways to improve your skin tone, hair strength and growth as well as nails, you can start using diatomaceous earth. The silicon found in this type of earth is responsible for faster hair and nail growth. The earth also helps in the reduction of wrinkles, dark acne spots and it also strengthens the teeth and bones.

If you want to take advantage of the diatomaceous earth and its numerous benefits, buy some from a trusted store.

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